S/V- How Sobriety Helped Lead Me To Veganism

Something happens when a person has a shift in life’s perspective.  When they come out of the smoke screen and are faced with the realities of life and the terms of its daily contracts.  When I got sober I was went face to face with myself.  All my emotions and feelings.  Fear. Denial. Guilt.  Compassion.  Love.  Hate.  Anger.  Sadness. Joy.  The whole lot came to the surface.  Luckily, I couldn’t really stuff them away any longer, without the booze or drugs.  It was time to face all that was real.

One thing I was faced with early on was the idea of Veganism and the choice to become vegan for moral reasons, not health reasons.  Animal activism was something I knew nothing about at the time, by choice.  That was about to change.

(PICTURED BELOW:  Other Compassionate people in the world visiting the great organization called Farm Sanctuary)

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I was introduced to a sober woman who had very strong opinions about factory farming and the treatment of farm animals.  She clearly knew information I was shielded from.  Again, shielded by choice at this point.  Before sobriety I never wanted to know where my food actually came from.  I knew in my heart it was ugly and the best way for me to deal with it, at the time, was to turn my ignorant head.  Having a bit of a clearer mind at this point, being clean for a little bit,  this woman was able to plant a seed for me and I ran with it.  I started to research factory farming.  I forced myself to watch the undercover videos from such farms that show the horrific animal cruelty that goes on behind those large farm doors.  Prisons for animals.  Farmed for human consumption.  The visuals were so mortifying to me I was ashamed to be human.  I could not believe the inhumane activity that was happening on these farms, to these poor sentient beings…with feelings…just like you and me.  I saw their pain and suffering.  It was so clear.  and so dreadful.

There was one video in particular called “farm to fridge” which changed me forever, on a cellular level.  After I finished watching this video I, for the first time in my life, knew what compassion felt like.

And from that moment on, I chose to live my life as a compassionate, loving, cruelty free woman.  A vegan.  A budding animal activist.  My life was changed, for the better.

Prior to sobriety, I never felt true compassion.  I never knew what that meant or looked like.  I thought I did.  I perceived myself as  a loving, compassionate, caring person.  And I was, on the surface.  I did just enough to keep that reputation.  But it wasn’t genuine.  Sadly.

Getting sober is a beautiful thing.  All truths are brought to the surface and if you are ready and willing to face them, you can truly become a better human being with a better understanding of the connection between love, life, compassion, and the world at large.  That includes all the sentient beings that populate this planet.

I encourage you all to investigate the true meaning of compassion and the way that simple word connects us all.