S- From One Addiction To The Next


I got sober just over two years ago, on July 11, 2011.  Let go of all drugs and booze.  Started to let go of those resentments I was holding on to so tightly.  My head cleared up…and the world looked so real.  And authentic.  WTF?!!!

I started to reach for any non-mind altering substance I could get my hands on in order to not feel totally “normal.”  I had let go of caffeine, for the most part, when I was using because I mixed upper drugs with my alcohol, and felt like adding caffeine to the mix might just make my heart explode.   But now that I was sober, caffeine was the first thing I ran back to.  And I haven’t let go since.

Hello, my name is Donna, and I am a caffeine a-holic.  I am powerless over it.  And I accept that.  And I have zero desire to let go of this addiction, so don’t even think about having an intervention with me!


And please don’t speak to me until I have had my morning cup!