V- Mom. Vegan Food. And Some Indecision.

Today at the Veggie Grill with mom, went like this:

Mom and I staring at the large menu on the wall.


photo credit: Google Images

Me:  What looks good to you mom?

Mom:  I don’t know what I want.  Maybe fish tacos.  Maybe a salad, but I will probably have a salad for dinner, so I should get something different.

Me:  Take your time.

(5 minutes later)

Mom has a look of confusion on her face…

Photo Credit : Google Images. (this is not my real mom, but her expression was similar)

Photo Credit : Google Images. (this is not my mom, but her expression was similar)

A few other restaurant goers enter the space near the giant menu on the wall.  They stare.

Mom:  you can go ahead, we don’t know what we want yet.

Stranger:  I don’t know either, I have never been here before.

Mom:  neither have I.  Im just not sure what I want.

The strangers take another minute to glance over the menu, and they move on to order.

Mom is still staring at the menu, with an occasional question to me about a menu item…like….. do the fish tacos taste like fish?

10 minutes later….

Me:  Mom do you know what you want?

Mom:  I can’t decide.  This food is just so weird.

It was just such a hysterical experience I had to share it with you guys.  I laughed out loud when she said the food is so weird. I guess the fact that the menu uses animal themed titles like fish tacos and carne asada sandwich, but are cooked with no animal products, can be hard for some people to comprehend or get past.  I get it.  And it doesn’t bother me.  I say kudos to those willing to try new things.

Mom:  I’m going to get the santa fe crispy chickin’ sandwich.

Me:  Good choice mom.