Mercy For Animals New Undercover Investigation

Mercy For Animals is a terrific organization and the people involved with them dedicate their lives to helping animals and fighting to end animal abuse and cruelty.  They are heroes, exposing the cruelty that happens on factory farms.

A new breaking Mercy For Animals undercover investigation reveals sadistic animal abuse at Wiese Brothers Farms in Wisconsin.  Wiese Brothers is a major dairy supplier to DiGiorno.  I see these investigation videos too often and my heart bleeds every time.  Please watch the video and share it.  Sign the petition.  Tweet about it.  Post on Facebook.  Share with your friends.  Please get involved and do your part to help end the abuse.

Source:  Mercy For Animals:

Treated as mere milk-producing machines, cows exploited and abused for cheese used on DiGiorno pizzas endure lives of near constant misery and deprivation.

In order to keep a steady supply of milk, the cows are repeatedly impregnated. Several times a day, dairy cows are hooked by their udders to electric milking machines that can cause the cows to suffer painful lesions and mastitis.

These highly intelligent and social animals suffer almost unimaginable abuse from the time they are born and ripped from their mothers’ sides until they are so physically worn out from repeated pregnancies and constant milk production that they are sold for slaughter.

Click here to sign MFA’s petition telling DiGiorno to take a stand against blatant animal abuse by immediately adopting meaningful animal welfare policies. Then share the hidden-camera video with friends and encourage them to take action too.”

I understand it is difficult to watch these types of videos.  However, knowledge is power, and in this case, it is power to feed compassion.  I was once disconnected from the truth.  I didn’t want to witness it.  But once I did, my life changed, and I understood the definition of compassion…compassion for all living and sentient beings.  I found out the truth behind factory farming and where the food on our plates come from, and I chose to not be a consumer.  Because as a consumer of meat and dairy, one supports the abuse.   I went vegan.  And my life has changed dramatically since.  In beautiful ways.  I urge you to consider making the connection and change.  Stop consuming meat and dairy, and be part of the positive change in our world.

Please watch the undercover video and decide for yourself.

Thanks for your compassion.