Who Says Cats and Dogs Can’t Be Pals?

My girlfriend and I have a new member of the family.  Her name is Tux…well at least that is her temporary name.  It may change.  The process of choosing an appropriate name has been a fun challenge!

Meet Tux:

photo copy 2





We were ever so slightly concerned about how our (rescue) dogs would react to their new sister.  After all, rumor has it dogs and cats generally are in conflict with each other…not always living in harmony.  Not the case with our “kids.”  They seem to get along just fine.  They are even caught, on occasion, sitting or resting near one another…

photo copy 3

Foxy & Tux

Different animal species can be friends and often are great companions to each other.  See for yourself:





Awwwww how cute!!!  Gotta love animals!

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