The Pigeons Are Hungry~

It is winter, as we all know.  And on the East Coast, there is no way of forgetting winter is present.  It is bitter cold.  Today it is 25 degrees and snowing.  Yesterday I think it was 12 degrees.  Beautiful in some ways, but difficult in others.  My girlfriend and I were out walking the dogs and….

Wait, before I go on, you MUST see our little ones, ready and waiting for their walk…

ready for our walk

ready for our walk

Adorable, yes?

Okay… so we went out for our walk, in the bitter cold weather, with our bundled up dogs, and bundled of selves…..and along the way, we noticed a number of pigeons on all corners, scavenging for food.  Poor little guys are hungry out there…it is much more difficult for them to find food in the winter than the other seasons.  And winter is when people should consider feed them, tapering off the amounts of food given to them during the summer days…..So they don’t over breed.

Time to feed the pigeons!  We headed to the local pet store, and purchased some seed, specific for pigeons.

Feeding them is such a great feeling for me.  How people can’t enjoy these beautiful birds is beyond me!

Look at them…How grateful they are as I give them some nourishment in this freezing weather…








I hope during the winter, especially if you are in a cold weather state, you will consider feeding your local pigeons.  They need to eat too!

Thanks for stopping by…