Awesome Online Advertising—FINALLY!

I am so thrilled to learn that Chipotle, the well known burrito establishment, has partnered with Piro, to produce a 4 part series titled Farmed and Dangerous.  It is a satirical comedy about factory farming and the horrors that are generally involved with such industrial practices.


The series will stream on Hulu next month.   Chipotle does not appear at all in the series…rather the “Chipotle Original Series” strategy is to promote the company’s concerns about sustainability in agriculture, as well as the humane treatment of farm animals raised for food.  Awesome.

It is genius advertising, in my opinion.  It is memorable.  Creative.  A brilliant way to show the horrors of factory farming, that most people can’t endure watching in traditional video form.   As a #vegan, this makes me very happy to see.  Chipotle has already produced two very powerful and creative animated shorts about factory farming that pull on ones emotional strings, and are quite memorable.  Here is my favorite of the two, called “The Scarecrow”

I am looking forward to the series Farmed and Dangerous and for sure will be watching it once it streams next month.   If you would like to read more about it, please visit the article written by the New York Times.

And here is the trailer for the upcoming 4 part series: