Tux Is At It Again

Tux is just too cute.  Our newest little rescue!  She sleeps in the cutest positions!

photo 1

photo 2And she sure has made herself at home here.


My girlfriend and I have a really happy family here with all our little rescues….

There is Rico:

He is very angelic.  Soft spoken when indoors.  A leader when outdoors.  He is from Puerto Rico.

photo 3And Cabo:

He is very serious.  Very important.  Regal.  Extremely vocal.  And he feels that Central Park is his land and under his guard.

photo 2And Foxy:

She is dainty.  A genuine princess.  Loves to play fetch.  A little neurotic.  Very loving.

photo 1These little angels bring us so much joy and happiness.  And unconditional love!  If you don’t already have a rescue of your own, and you are able to house one, I highly recommend going to your local shelter and giving an animal a much-needed home.