So Fulla Gayness!

I ran across this brilliant homoerotic commercial that originates in Canada and fires back at Russia’s ban on gay propaganda.  It made me smile.  Thanks Canada, for fighting back and in such a creative way!

Because it is so awful and controversial, people seem to be more interested in talking about the problems with Russia and the Winter Olympics, than the actual sporting event.  I don’t hear anyone gabbing about whose going to win what.  Rather the chatter is more focussed on the horrible fears and horror coming from Russia and it’s participation in the Olympics. The homophobic laws…arrests…beatings of gay’s, lesbians, etc.

We also have the horrible poisoning of stray dogs that is going on in Sochi.  It’s just horrific.  HLN covered it.  Have a look for yourself.

As a side note:  The correlation between human (LGBT) rights and animal rights are so similar.  The gay community should fight against the voiceless animals as well.  We need to all stick together and fight for the inhumane acts against all sentient beings!

Russia was once on my bucket list of places to visit.  It had such visual beauty and interest for me at one time. Not anymore. That destination has been crossed off my list, as I will not contribute to a place that supports and promotes such inhumane behavior and beliefs.