The Alcoholic Smokescreen


I relate to this poster so much!  It’s perfect!  I remember those drinking days.  Feeling insecure and not good enough. Feeling fearful…a fraud that someone was going to find out about.  The drink always made those feelings go away, temporarily.  The drink, when it worked, made me feel normalized.  Happy and secure.  A part of.  It gave me the courage to speak to you, and feel worthy enough to be in the mix of the universe.  Ahhhh the power of the drink!

But then I would wake up, the next day.  Always hung over.  Always fearful of what I might have done or said the night before.  The smokescreen gone, and faced with the real me.  Briefly.  Until I reached for that next drink.

Thank God I don’t have to go through that vicious cycle any longer.  Today I am happy, and not because I am drunk.  I am happy because I am sober.  Authentic.  And true to myself and those in my life.  Sure, life is not always lived in happiness, but at least I no longer run from the truths of its terms.

What freedom!