How NOT to save the world!

I ran across this advertisement for the Rainforest Alliance, which is brilliant, in my humble opinion.  It’s got creativity, humor, and an important message.  Not only that, but I think many people can relate to the guy in this ad.  We have all witnessed the suffering and environmental destruction that us humans are responsible for on this planet.  And I suspect that many of us have had that moment of “clarity,” where we decide we are going to stop in our tracks, quit our jobs, walk away from our materialistic lives, and transform into “insert name here” the Green Superhero.  The Man/Woman who will save the world.  Make a real difference.

As much as I would love to be that Superhero who saves all the animals and the planet from destruction, it simply isn’t realistic.  But there are ways to take action, that do make an impact.  And that is what I try to do on a daily basis.  I do my part, in small ways, that add up to a big difference.  I am a vegan, for starters.  I use reusable cups for my Starbucks coffee stops, I use reusable grocery bags, I buy organic locally grown whenever possible.  I use PETA shade grown, cruelty free coffee, I try not to buy what I don’t need, causing overconsumption.  I don’t wear leather, or any animal products.  I donate to animal causes.  I speak up for animal rights.  I use cruelty free products, (shampoos, soaps, etc.) which not only don’t torture animals with testing, but also use less harmful chemicals that destroy the planet.  I recycle.

And now I am following the frog.  I hope you will join in.