Lesbian Sober Love!

News Alert:  Jodi Foster is giving up the booze for love!

Alexandra Hedison has been sober for over a decade…Go Alexandra!  You all remember her from the Lword….and her hot steamy affair with Rachel Shelley, who played Helena.  One of my favorite couples from the Lword.


Anyway… Hedison is dating Foster now, and apparently they are hot and heavy in love.  But the booze was getting in the way of their budding relationship, according to the latest news.  And not willing to lose the relationship, Foster is said to be forsaking alcohol and attending support groups in an effort to show her lover how committed she is to the relationship.  You go girl!  Read the full article from Radaronline.


Being a recovering alcoholic myself, I know how much alcohol can affect a relationship, especially if one party is sober and the other is not.  I can’t imagine being sober and being in a romantic relationship with a drinker.  Maybe someone who has an occasional glass of wine with dinner, but it would have to be VERY occasional.  But even that, I would be weary of.  Alcoholics think differently, so having two alcoholic brains in the bedroom would be naturally less conflicting.  We are just wired differently than “normies.”  And once we choose sobriety, and the 12 steps, we continue to think differently…and life’s’ design becomes unique.  At least that’s my story.  The 12 steps has become a design for living, for me.  Dealing with life on lifes’ terms became a crucial part of my story, and feeling the truths, unraveling them, and discussing them….on a daily basis. Having a partner who has that same design for living has been nothing but growth for my sobriety.  We both have alcoholic minds, and thus we understand each other….more than any “normie” would. I feel blessed to have another sober alcoholic as a partner in life.  And I wish Alexandra and Jodi that same fortune.  They appear to be happy and in love.  May they grow together in sobriety, and life!