Yeah, I Walk My Cat In Central Park

New York is great. It is the center of the universe, some would say. The city where it all happens. The city that never sleeps. The city where dreams are made.

New York is all those things, and more. But it is also a city where having animals can be challenging. It’s a large, busy city. Not conducive for pets to roam in and out of the home and the backyard.

So what is an animal lover suppose to do?  Well, we came up with a solution….

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Jane and I have two rescued dogs and one rescued cat.


photo 2

Our dogs are small and sweet and they like to think of themselves as king and Queen of central park. Cabo especially.  He feels he owns the whole 7 mile stretch of the park. Foxy is like a dainty Princess. She likes to walk a few blocks, then she demands to get in her stroller, and be pushed for a bit. Yes, we walk our dogs in a stroller.

(pictured directly below is Cabo, Foxy, and little Rico..Rico lives with Jane’s mother.  Pictured two below is Cabo with the ball and Foxy).

photo 1

photo 3

And now we walk our cat in a stroller, as well.

photo 5

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Tux the cat is a very outspoken, energetic cat, and we felt she should also be able to experience the great outdoors sometimes. So we got Tux her own personal stroller. And a harness, for brief walks in the park.

photo 3

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Cute huh?  It is a bit scary walking Tux on a harness.  I always make sure the harness is on tight, and if she gets a tad squirmy, I immediately pick her up and put her back in her stroller.  You must be extra cautious with walking cats!  But they deserve to get outside from time to time as well….and I think she enjoys the change of scenery and the smells, just like our dogs do!

Here are a couple of photos of what our Sunday mornings look like!  Fun family times!

photo 4

photo 6