Two Lesbian’s And A GoPro Camera

Okay. So my girlfriend’s birthday was a little bit ago, and prior to the big day I was thinking of what to get the woman who isn’t big on gifts (environmental reasons) and birthday hoopla. Hmmmm…she is very creative. Inspirational. An idea producing machine. A storyteller. A journalist.


I got it! A GoPro Camera!

With this tiny little gadget, Jane could be free to capture video at any given time. It is user friendly, conveniently small, and shoots great footage.  Perfect for the “on the go” kinda gal she is.

“Let’s do this,” I thought. And off I went in search of a GoPro.

Her big day arrived and I gave Jane the gift. There was much enthusiasm expressed over the tiny little gadget. In fact, the very next day we went off for a bike ride, equipped with GoPro in hand, ready for a camera test experience. And boy, did we get just that.

We purchased a unipod for the GoPro the previous day, for our much anticipated ride. You know, those long single rod poles with a camera on the end. Yeah, one of those things. I figured I could hold the unipod pole with my right hand, and manage the moving bicycle with my left. No problem! So, we packed our camera and unipod and got ready to head out. But not before prepping our bikes with some much needed air in the tires, and gearing up with our helmets (safety first) and bike locks (sure to stop for caffeine along the way). Finally, we headed down by the river for a leisurely ride along the water. It was the perfect sunny, warm New York day. Cue the peaceful music…

The rest of the story is all below in the video. Grab some popcorn, and enjoy the ride.  It’s a short one, so try not to blink.