Come Hang With Us In Central Park!

I look forward to the weekends, when Jane and I are able to take the entire family out to the park. Cabo, Foxy, and Tux look forward to the adventure as well, especially Foxy the fetcher!  It’s her specialty.

We venture into the park, strollers and all, and the tourists begin to request photos.  Not of us, but of our animals.  They are like celebrities…posing for the cameras, standing proud in their carriages, soaking in their moment of fame.  God forbid any other dogs cross frame, cause Cabo will show him/her whose boss with his persistent bark.

It is quite the scene…but an enjoyable one.

I love that Tux the cat can join us in the fun.  We got her her own personal pet stroller, and she loves it.  It’s nice that she can get out and get some fresh air with the rest of us.  After all, we live in New York and space is limited in this city.  So she enjoys the occasional outdoor experience.

I captured a bit of todays adventure on video.  So sit back, relax, and join us in the park for a moment.

Have fun!