This was my first Halloween in New York City.  One major difference between Halloween on the east coast vs the west coast is the weather.  It was damn cold here on Halloween night…but fun, nonetheless.

I was a skeleton, and Jane was…can you guess?


First we went to a party on a pirate ship, out in Long Island City, right on the water.  Sadly it was cold and raining, so everyone crowded in the small downstairs area of the boat.


pirate boat


After the boat, we wandered over to the MoMa PS1 Afterparty.  This was my kinda party!  Great DJ.  Living art installations and dancers.  Dark, foggy, lights flashing.  It was sexy.  mysterious.  curious.  And loads of fun.




We left around 2am, after people started to really feel their alcohol intake (and our legs were exhausted from dancing!)  That is one thing I am grateful for…not having to drink to have fun anymore. Jane and I woke up the day after Halloween, and went to yoga, and a theater show.  Hang-over free!  And we held onto great memories of the night before.  That is a quite different experience than a few years ago, when I would have been suffering from a horrible hangover and foggy memories!  I am grateful to be sober!

Overall I’d say it was a fun and successful first NYC Halloween!  Next year, I will consider wearing a warmer costume, however!

Till next time…