A FunTASTIC View Of The Walk For Farm Animals!

Jane and I participated in Farm Sanctuary’s “Walk For Farm Animals” a couple of weeks back.  It was such a pleasant and fun experience from start to finish.  I am so grateful to all my friends and family who donated towards the cause this year, and helped Farm Sanctuary raise over $50,000 in NYC alone, for the animals!

Farm animals are often forgotten about.  They are generally not treated as sentient beings, but rather as life-less products.  A number.  A “thing” with no heartbeat.  No feelings.  No emotions.  But the truth is, these animals have feelings and emotions just like you and I.  Or like our domesticated dogs and cats.  They experience fear.  loneliness.  Happiness and sadness.  Yet they are forced to live in tiny cages, seeing no light of day, and put through horrific abuse until the day they are taken to slaughter.  It breaks my heart.

So I support organizations like Farm Sanctuary, who dedicate their lives to helping these forgotten and voiceless animals, and who try to show people in this world that these animals should be treated as living, breathing beings, with a heartbeat like you and I.  And that turning a blind eye to the truth, does nothing but support the abuse.

Okay…back to the fun part….We decided to shoot some video of the event, document the positive movement towards a better, more compassionate world.  so here is a short summary of the experience.  Enjoy!

Till next time….