I love art.  Art is unique.  Individual.  Ugly.  Beautiful.  A mixed media of potential dueling definitions and insightful arguments.  Art is magnificent.  It stimulates the mind, and forces one to think…generally outside of the box, or ones comfort zone.  That is, if they choose to step beyond their “safe” boundaries.

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Compassion + Art with Nathan Runkle, owner Mercy For Animals (upper left corner). Jane and I and Nathan Runkle (bottom right corner)

Mercy For Animals held an Art auction.  The Art of Compassion, an event that featured 75 artists, ranging from photography to mixed media form.  The event was held at Freight + Volume, curated by owner, Nick Lawrence.  The artists donated their work for auction, where all proceeds went to Mercy For Animals, so that they may continue their fight to help the voiceless animals, mainly farm animals, the most forgotten of all.  The subject matters varied, but there were of course several animal focussed pieces.  Here was one of the most powerful visuals I saw at the event:  A pig in a gestation crate.

Jane Velez-Mitchell at the MFA Art Auction

Jane Velez-Mitchell at the MFA Art Auction

This piece of work made me think about how the powerful human race, really misuses its “power.”  It made me think about the fact that we are the highest species, supposedly, on the “food chain”, the species with the highest intelligence, yet we are the most cowardly.  The most inhumane.  We use our power and intelligence as a means to capture and cage.  To murder and abuse.  To cause mass suffering.  And this goes beyond animals…it extends to human suffering as well.  We cause the suffering of our own kind.  Neglect.  We abuse our power and intelligence in so many ways….when we should be using it to better our existence. Compassion is so much easier.  And so much more rewarding…emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Art is powerful  It makes you think.

Here is a video from the evening.  enjoy.