Yumz! I can’t wait for that dead bird on the dinner table


Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  It is supposed to be a day of gratitude and thanks…family time and laughter.  Everyone gathers around the kitchen talking and celebrating while loads of edible smells fill the air.  Time to put on a few extra pounds!

It all sounds like great fun and I love a good celebration.  However, Thanksgiving has become a misunderstood day for me.  It is a holiday that is very food focussed, and “tradition” brings foods that carry with them a history of abuse, neglect, and suffering. Turkey seems to be the food of choice for families on Thanksgiving day.  But the disconnect is that the dead animal they are all sitting around, saying grace over, lived a horrible life of suffering, for the one meal they are about to ingest….the one day meant for peace, gratitude, and thanks.  There is a major disconnect, in my opinion.  How can we celebrate peace and gratitude over a once living being that suffered for the sole purpose of our selfish taste buds?

It is true that not that long ago I was disconnected from my relationship with animals on earth.  But once I learned the truth, and realized the suffering that these factory farmed animals go through before landing on the human dinner plate, I became very aware, and can no longer participate in a Thanksgiving “celebration” at the dinner table, if dead animals are the main attraction. And that belief extends to every other day I walk this earth.  I am a vegan, and I don’t eat animals.  Therefore, I celebrate life everyday by not surviving off the suffering of others.

This year I will be celebrating Thanksgiving by feasting on a delicious cruelty free meal.  Why not try something different, and step away from a tradition that is so disconnected from the meaning of giving thanks?  Below is a video of how easy and delicious it can be to give thanks without participating in the suffering of animals.  For more information and other animal friendly stories, visit JaneUnChained.com