The Famous and Talented Moby Is a Genius Beyond Just His Music!


Jane ( had the awesome opportunity to interview the one and only Moby, and what he had to say was so spot on and so inspirational.

I related to a lot of what he spoke about.  I have faith in the human race as an intelligent species that will continue to change, at an accelerated rate.  We will continue to get healthier, by eating a plant-based diet. We will collectively grow in compassion, and the way we treat our own species, as well as other species on this earth.  we will see the damage we are causing our earth, with all our meat-eating and over consumption of “stuff.”  Becoming a vegan is the easiest, fastest, and most compassionate and logical way to address climate change and our self-inflicted damage to the world.

I choose to stay healthy and positive, even though some days it is hard, when faced with all the suffering that occurs minute to minute in this world.  But as Moby said, a damaged and sick activist, is not of any use.  So go ahead and call me “positive Patty.”  I see change happening faster than ever before.  More and more people adopting plant-based, vegan diets.  focussing on their health and happiness.  Compassion attracts happiness.  That is a fact.  Another great fast paced change that has occurred and continues to change is media and the way information is spread.  Social media has changed the way the world see’s things and gathers information.  It takes a millisecond to get info out to the world these days, through social media.  With that, people are learning the truths behind factory farming and meat/dairy production.  They are also learning about the effects such industries have on the environment.  It is not a big secret anymore.  Thankfully, the truth is out there today, if you want to know about it.

I will stay positive and continue to share my experience as a Vegan, and hope others will follow.  It is the best way of life!  On so many levels.

Take the time to watch the interview below.  It truly is inspirational.  Plus, it’s Moby…I mean c’mon!