Finally…. A Chance For the Horses!

While campaigning, NYC’s Mayor Bill de Blasio made a promise to get the carriage horses off the streets of New York, which is the LAST place they belong.  New York city is a busy, crowded, chaotic place to live, let alone trot along the busy streets day in and day out, as these poor horses are forced to do!  It seems NYC is finally evolving into the 21st century, with a proposed bill to ban the horse-drawn carriages.  Thank you, Bill de Blasio!

Watch the video below to witness the energetic press conference on the steps of NYC City Hall, where sponsors and supporters of the bill gathered.  It was a great day for those who wish to see the carriage horses off the streets of New York (myself included).  Everyday I see these poor horses trotting between speeding taxi cabs, loud police and ambulance sirens that are loud enough to startle me every time!  I can’t imagine how terrifying it must be for the horses.  As Donny Moss of  says in the below video….Horses are flight animals.  If they get spooked they will naturally bolt, which, in the busy streets of New York, makes them a weapon. A dangerous scenario for the horses, and the people!  No one can predict when or where a horse might get spooked.  There is no way to regulate that!

To Take Action- Go to the link below to call New York City Council members: