Freeing “Jane” the Pigeon

Back in December I found a very ill pigeon on the streets of New York.  I was super sick that day and racing to the doctors, so I called my partner Jane and she came racing down to help.  She brought the pigeon (later named Jane) to the Wild Bird Fund here in Manhattan.  This place is amazing.  They take in injured and sick wild life found in the city, primarily birds.  When “Jane” the pigeon was brought in on that frigid December day, we were told it was uncertain if she would survive, as she was in bad shape.

We got a call this weekend from the Wild Bird Fund, saying that “Jane” was doing well and was ready to be released back into the wild.  So we grabbed our cameras and raced over to the WBF to document the release.  It’s such a great story…have a look for yourself!