New #Monkeygate Revelations have S.W. Florida Residents Calling for Halt to Monkey Business!

Hendry County, Florida has been reeling from one new shocker after another in the mushrooming scandal dubbed #Monkeygate. County officials are now investigating Primate Products after shocking news reports allege the company conducts c-section surgeries on monkeys, slicing them open to remove their fetuses and then selling the monkey parts. WINK-TV talked exclusively with a whistleblower who says he quit in disgust over the practice and the station obtained documents that outline the procedures. The company has not issued a denial but rather calls any tests reported to the USDA “usage.” Here’s an in-depth look at the myriad controversies that comprise #Monkeygate as residents express concern the county, which has secretly approved new monkey breeding facilities and expansions, might engage in a whitewash. Here’s a link to the lawsuit over another Hendry monkey facility and county statements. 

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