Our Kids Are So Adorable… I Must Show Them Off On Occasion!

Cabo, or V.I.C (very important Chihuahua) as we call him, loves summer lounging around the house after his long morning walk in Central Park!


Foxy likes to follow her bro’s lead, and curl up for a late morning nap after her fetching fun in the park.


And Tux the cat seems to think she’s queen of the castle, always finding her stoop to watch over her space.


Looking at these precious faces, I can’t understand how I ever once ate meat and dairy.  How I missed the connection.  All animals are sentient, and have feelings.  Pigs, Cows, Fish, Chickens.  They are just like dogs and cats.  Alive.  Beating heart.  The desire to live , procreate, have families, and escape pain and sadness.  Actually, that sounds just like me.