Morrissey Rocked Madison Square Garden Last Night & Became One of my Hero’s!

Jane and I went to the Morrissey concert last night at Madison Square Garden and it was AMAZING!


It was a historic night at the Garden, as the whole venue went “cruelty free” serving only vegetarian food.  There was no meat to be found anywhere. Here is Jane with her #vegan hotdog and french fries to celebrate the occasion!

jane velez_mitchell

Blondie opened the show with her brilliant talents, ending her performance wrapped in a rainbow flag to celebrate #LoveWins and #MarriageEquality, as it is a historic weekend for the LGBT community.  We can now get married with recognition in all states in the U.S.  Wow…something to celebrate!

blondie_animal rights_soberveganlesbian

Next up was Morrisey, who is a brilliant artist.  The energy was awesome and music perfect.  But then, he blew us away with a song that I am certain changed people in the audience.  It was an animal rights song called “Meat is Murder” accompanied by imagery flashing on the massive screen behind him of factory farmed animals being tortured and slaughtered.  it was nothing less than POWERFUL!   Watch the video below.