An Open Letter to Ellen DeGeneres

Dear Ellen,

Disappointment:  The feeling of sadness or displeasure caused by the nonfulfillment of one’s hopes or expectations.

You were someone I admired.  A woman I related to.  Understood.  Funny.  A successful gay woman who presented who she really was to the world without fear of judgment or backlash.  Charming.  Compassionate.  Compassionate towards all living beings.  A powerful spokesperson for animals.  A vegan. 

Vegan:   A person who does not eat or use animal products.

I am disappointed by the news that you have started a new shoe line, ED by Ellen, that includes hide off an animal’s back.  Leather and suede shoes by Ellen DeGeneres. Did I read this right?  Sadly, it seems as though I did.

You are a woman so many look up to.  Young people.  Old people.  People.  You reach the masses with your talent and charisma.  You speak and people listen.  Because people want what you have.  Because you inspire. 

You inspired me, a gay woman, to be proud.  To live a genuine and authentic life.  To be real with those I love and to not fear judgment from those who will always judge.  You inspired me to fight for the voiceless.  To speak up for animals.  To love and be loved by all living beings.  You inspired me to find true compassion….To go vegan.  To stay vegan.

What happened to your compassion?  What happened to your  desire to stop animal suffering?  What happened to your voice for the voiceless?  You do know the horror and abuse that lives in the leather industry… right?  You know your leather shoes will be made of animals who suffered tremendously… right?  Of course you do, you’re Ellen.  A voice for the animals. But wait….You sell leather shoes?   A contradiction.  I’m confused.

I am disappointed that your image is no longer that of a warrior for animals.  I am disappointed that money purchased your ethics.  Your beliefs.  I am disappointed that greed beat you.  I am disappointed… that my hero is no longer my hero.

I am a vegan.  I don’t eat animal products.  I don’t wear animal products.   

I won’t be wearing your shoes.



friends not fashion