What Does Gay Rights Have to do With Animal Rights?

That’s a great question!  And I am sure there are so many different relevant answers, depending on who you talk to.  I would say Gay Rights & Animal Rights are very connected.


As a gay woman, I have experienced what is feels like to be seen as a second class citizen.  The bullying.  The mocking.  The feeling of powerlessness that sometimes comes with being gay.  Billions of animals  are locked up, confined, tortured, mocked, and ultimately murdered on factory farms yearly. They are powerless.  Scared. Sad.  Just like I once felt as a younger, bullied girl.  Animals are considered second class in the minds of many humans.  They are not feeling beings.  They don’t matter.  They are ours to do with what we choose whether it be for food, entertainment, or fashion.  That is the mind-set of most humans when it comes to animals.  Sad.  But true.  Remember when all gays were looked at as second class citizens by most people? Sinners.  Dirty.  Weird.  Perverts.  Not worthy.  DIFFERENT.  That wasn’t that long ago.

See the correlation?  One social justice movement leads to the next.  It’s the animals turn!

Our Hen House produced a fabulous video connecting Animal Rights & Gay Rights, featuring several Gay/Lesbian people talking about their feelings about animal rights and how they got where they are today as animal rights activists.  Coming Out For Animals….I hope you will check it out, and share it far and wide.