Venice Beach, California Just keeps Getting Better and Better! Is That Even Possible?

Every time Jane and I go back to Cali, we run into more cool, hip, and #vegan things of interest.  On our last trip, we stumbled upon the Abbot Kinney Festival, where we found lots of vegan food, fashion, and goods.  (See my previous post for that fun video).  Next, while driving down the famous Main Street in Santa Monica/Venice Beach, we noticed a new bright and shiny corner store.  And it was called VEGAN SCENE!  So we HAD to go in and check it out…But of course!  Looking for great cruelty free fashion?  Or some instruction on vegan cooking?  Or what about a yoga, or booty lunge class?  Or perhaps just a place to hang out and surf all your social media sites for a bit?  It’s all there in this magical, animal friendly, vegan hangout.

Check out the story and see where all the cool kids will be hanging out in Venice Beach for one stop vegan fun!