I Accidentally Tripped into an AMAZING #Vegan Sushi Restaurant!

Jane and I were on our way to go grocery shopping, but upon our arrival, the store was closed.  Hungry and frustrated, I announced I wanted some sushi.  A quick google search later put us within one mile of a vegan sushi restaurant neither of us had ever heard of.  Shojin (Japanese Vegan & Macrobiotic Dining) is the name of the place.  And so we drove a few blocks down the road and headed into the small, mysterious, and very crowded establishment.  Hmmm…it must be good food!

WOW…it wasn’t good food, it was brilliant food!  I have never tasted such good sushi with such creative combos of food in my life.  Really amazing.  It was like an orgasmic explosion in my mouth with every bite.  No joke.

Since we were there, we decided to do a quick story about the place.  Check it out.  And if you are ever craving good creative vegan sushi in L.A (Culver City to be exact)…I highly recommend this place!