Freeing “Jane” the Pigeon

Back in December I found a very ill pigeon on the streets of New York.  I was super sick that day and racing to the doctors, so I called my partner Jane and… Continue reading

Is there such a thing as humane meat? Some millennials confront Whole Foods JaneUnChained EXCLUSIVE: A Whole Foods Protest by ‪#‎DirectActionEverywhere‬ in Chelsea challenges the store’s notion of being a leader in values and calls the concept of humane meat a lie. was the only… Continue reading

Imagine the Calorie Count in this Video!

Jane and I had the pleasure of visiting Israel recently, and WOW…was it an amazing place.  We went to Israel to document the heartwarming story of 1250 monkeys being purchased by animal lover,… Continue reading

WHOLE FOODS FLOODED WITH PROTESTERS. WATCH THEIR IN STORE STREET THEATER! The new millennial group Collectively Free invaded a Midtown Manhattan Whole Foods this past weekend and conducted extraordinary street theater right in front of the massive meat counter, stopping shoppers in their… Continue reading

Orca LOLITA’s Slavery: Are there Parallels to Human Slavery? One Descendant of Slaves Says YES!

I am so grateful I was able to go to Miami and be a part of the fight for Lolita’s freedom! Singer/songwriter Robbyne Kaamil is a passionate animal activist and wrote this… Continue reading

JaneUnChained asks: is this woman naked?

Congrats to JUST MAYO!!! JaneUnChained is celebrating a victory for egg-laying hens and humans who care about their health! Hellman’s mayonnaise has dropped its pathetic lawsuit against Hampton Creek’s JUST MAYO the… Continue reading

Yes…I Have Conversations With My Cat!

Who says cats can’t talk back?

MILLIONARIE BUYS ABOUT 1,400 MONKEYS TO SAVE THEM FROM BEING TORTURED IN LABS! JaneUnChained EXCLUSIVE: My interview with Ady Gil, the LA based Israeli mogul who just bought an estimated 1,400 monkeys to save them from being shipped out of Israel to laboratories and/or monkey breeding… Continue reading


2015 has arrived!  People tend to feel rejuvenated at the start of a new year.  Hopes and dreams are reborn…to do lists grow, goals are set high.  It’s a time for the re-invention… Continue reading

Finally…. A Chance For the Horses!

While campaigning, NYC’s Mayor Bill de Blasio made a promise to get the carriage horses off the streets of New York, which is the LAST place they belong.  New York city is a busy, crowded,… Continue reading